May, 15th: “You have the capability to change your life all with a simple shift in perspective. Sometimes my day may start badly and I start to get down or frustrated. I even think, forget it—the day is ruined. It feels terrible and can cause me to be cranky and lash out, which affects others. I have learned that I can restart my day at any point. I simply sit quietly and reboot. I choose to shift my perspective and tell myself that the day that lies ahead of me is full of wonderful blessings and opportunities. I list ten or more things I appreciate in my life and that usually shifts my mood. Once my mood shifts, my entire day shifts like a chain reaction.”

    She’s so pretty here. :D

    (Source: rockvoto, via demismypassion)

  1. (Source: demismypassion)

  2. I love her blue hair!

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  4. This is so beautiful and I love her with the red hair… 

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